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1. What is hail damage?

Hail from hailstorms comes in different shapes, sizes and velocities. When these rock hard ice pellets hit your home, numerous hail damage patterns form. Severe hailstorms can cause granular bareness on shingles, holes in your siding, or broken glass. In less volatile circumstances, your shingles may become softened, your siding can become chipped, cracked or dented, and water leakage can form from compromised materials on the exterior of your home. This could threaten you and your family’s comfort and safety.

2. Do I need someone to inspect my home for hail damage?

It is highly recommended that you contact a reputable company for a thorough damage inspection of your home. There are many types of damage that can only be detected by trained eyes. Certified roofing specialist AtlantaRoofing.Com provides a no-obligation inspection for hail damage and can make recommendations about the best way to move forward.

3. When is the right time to call someone about hail damage?

It is important that you call a reputable company immediately after your home is hit by a storm. This is especially important if you have insurance because all damage is recorded and documented for claims.

4. Do I still need a professional inspector even if I don’t see any hail damage on my roof and siding?

Except in severe cases, hail damage to roofing and siding is very difficult to spot unless done by someone who is trained as to what to look for. Hail damage that is not obvious to the naked eye is as dangerous as visible damage. When hail stones hit your roof, it causes a soft spot where the outer layer of granules will be very loose. Over time, the granules in these damaged spots will fall out, causing your roof to age and deteriorate drastically. This may also be true to siding and windows. Waiting will only worsen the damage, so call immediately for an inspection.

5. Is hail damage covered by manufacturer’s warranty?

Most manufacturers, home builders, and home contractors do not include hail damage in their warranty.

6. Is hail damage covered by homeowners insurance?

Yes. Hail damage is usually covered by most common home insurance policies. As a contractor, we are unable to decide what is or isn’t covered by your homeowner’s policy. Therefore, we suggest that you contact a Public Adjuster to discuss damages, replacement costs, and/or scope of work. It is important that you have this type of representation when dealing with your insurance company.

7. Can a hail damage specialist process my claims?

Roofing company AtlantaRoofing.Com can meet with your Insurance Adjuster at the time of inspection. Once your insurance company approves your claim, we may file supplements (if applicable) with your insurance company, and even file the certificate of completion with them requesting final payment; HOWEVER, if it is found that your claim is eligible for further compensation, we would need you to get the services of a licensed Public Adjuster to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. We, the roofing company, are not licensed by the State of Georgia to provide that type of service.

8. To file a claim you must have documented hail damage.

The experienced staff at Atlanta roofing services AtlantaRoofing.Com will do a very non-intrusive Hail Damage inspection of the premises such as the roof, gutters, and vents. After inspecting the roof, if our experienced technicians do not see at least 8 “bruises” or impressions in a 10 square foot area that were the result of a recent Hail Storm. Then, we will tell you that we do not find hail damage and that there is no insurance claim. There is no incentive for us to waste our time or yours. The insurance company will always send out their Adjuster to inspect your roof, so there is no reason to be untruthful. Be very alert to any company that tries to push you into filing a claim regardless of the presence of visible roof damage. If you work with the experts at AtlantaRoofing.Com, the result is an entire roof replacement for no other cost than your deductible, plywood not covered by the insurance company, upgrade(s), or any extra work that is not approved by the Homeowner’s insurance company.

9. No, you will not pay higher Insurance rates!

It shocks people to learn that acts of nature, like Hail Damage Claims absolutely do not cause an increase in insurance premiums. The reason being is that Hail damage is not under your control like a car accident might be according to insurers. The insurance rates for your city, county or even State might rise. Tornado damage, Hail Damage, and Wind Damage claims will not increase your rate by themselves being that they are all acts beyond your control.

11. Claims filed by the policy holder are often denied.

The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, and it is their job to make sure that they are paying out as little as possible for claims. This does not mean that if there is unavoidable proof of damage that they will not pay out, it simply means that unless they are given clear evidence of hail damage they will deny the claim. Since most homeowners do not know what those signs are and how to find them to the adjuster it is best to have AtlantaRoofing.Com with you to insure that the hail damage is clearly identified and documented with the adjuster to approve your claim. The angle, path, and direction of the hail matter in addition to the size and speed of the hail. If your residence or structure of any kind has a tall and/or high pitch roof the insurance adjuster will normally only use binoculars to view your roofing damage.

If you have AtlantaRoofing.Com present during the insurance adjuster inspection we can greatly increase the chance of your claim being approved by using pictures, of not only the roof, but also of the other damage present in vents, gutters, AC units, and even siding.


12. Free Roof Inspection by Expert Roofers

We do not eyeball roofs from the ground. Our experienced roofers get up on the roof and thoroughly inspect for evidence of damage to your roof. We do not charge for our inspections whether we find damage or not. Although we recommend that you stay on the ground for your own safety and leave the roofing inspection to experienced roofers, we do like for owners present during our inspection. We use our cameras to take pictures of your roof and then discuss our findings with you safely, back on the ground. Many times during a FREE inspection we may not find hail damage. However, sometimes we will see normal roofing degradation that needs attention before the roof begins to leak. At that time photos, we take photos and show them to the customer.

13. I can’t file a claim because my roof is not leaking, can I?

In all probability, you could file a claim without a leaking roof! AtlantaRoofing.Com will know what damages should likely be covered by your Homeowner’s policy. Most people do not realize that there is only a small window of opportunity to make a claim for hail or storm damage after the storm occurs. If you wait more than 6 to 12 months when you might actually have a leak it will be a missed opportunity and could cost you a lot of money. Hail damage in most cases will not cause a leak right away so if you wait for the leak, you could be too late!

14. Am I going to have to pay more than my deductible?

Maybe, or maybe not. The only additional costs to you besides your deductible would be items not covered by your insurance company (e.g. rotted plywood or decking (not damaged by the storm), upgrade to a higher quality shingle, etc.). Everything about your roofing job is always communicated to you either verbally or in writing. In essence, you will receive a new high quality roof and not incur a large out of pocket expense.

15. Can I lose money filing on my own?

Yes, you can definitely lose money if you do not AtlantaRoofing.Com along with you when you meet with the Insurance adjuster. One problem is that the adjuster might not properly calculate the size of the roof thereby underestimating the cost to replace you roof. Once we submit and process a claim, it is harder to go back and try to get the price corrected. Another problem can occur if the adjuster tries to deduct for the age of the roof when it is not as old as they may try to suggest. If this happens, they will deduct for depreciation on the roof and again, you will not have all the monies you need to replace your damaged roof. CallAtlantaRoofing.Com and we will gladly offer you a FREE roofing consultation.

16. What is Collateral Damage from a Hail Storm?

Collateral damage from hail includes damage to other parts of the roof, or home. Examples of collateral hail damage is present in areas like gutters, vents, air conditioning units, siding, and even window screens. Sometimes, the roof vents are the first place that hail damage is noticed due to the soft material that comprises them, aluminum. Sometimes, an insurance adjuster can miss collateral damage and even hail damage on the roof due to the difference in inspection techniques implored. Insurance inspectors are not roofers. That is why it is best to have AtlantaRoofing.Com on hand to meet with your insurance adjuster.

17. How do I know that I am not being scammed?

1. Everything is approved by the Insurance Adjuster.

2. There is no money paid out in advance.

3. AtlantaRoofing.Com has a long-term history in the Atlanta market and listed with the BBB.

4. There is no charge for the inspection. You pay nothing unless you use our services.

5. There was already confirmed Hail Storm of at least 1″ diameter stones in your zip code by the National Weather Board.

Make sure that you are very careful to follow these items because there are scam artists in every industry and roofing is no different.

18. My roof was old before the hail damage, does this matter?

It is our goal to work with you and your insurance adjuster to get you a new roof, regardless of the age of the roof and if hail damage has occurred and documented to get you a brand new roof. If we feel the insurance company should cover the damages, but denies coverage, we will suggest that you get the services of a Public Adjuster to represent you with your claim.

19. Hail happened in my neighborhood last year, what can I do?

It is always best to file your claim as soon as possible. There are some insurers who try not to pay no matter the time frame but if damage is clear and documented you have a better chance of having a new roof with the help of the Atlanta roofing experts at AtlantaRoofing.Com.