Do I need a new roof?

As a homeowner, the question may present, “How do I know if my roof is doing its job?”  Have you found broken shingles in your yard? Have you noticed shingle granules coming out of your gutters or downspouts? Have there been significant wind and/or hail storms in your roof’s lifetime? I’m thinking the answer to one or more of these questions could be “yes” and that is why you looked us up.

At AtlantaRoofing.Com we would love the opportunity to put your mind at ease. We will come to your home and perform a free roof inspection and let you know if your roof has damage. If it does, we will guide you through the process to a safe, secure, beautiful new roof. If not, there is no harm done. Regardless, we hope you will refer us to a family member, friend or co-worker that has roofing needs.