AtlantaRoofing.Com Customer Courtesy Information

In the event this is your first roof installation, you may be wondering what to expect. Here are some tips:

Noise: Hammering, compressors and air guns, etc.

Foliage: If you have low hanging branches over your roof, some trimming may be necessary. Our crews will cut back only those branches which limit their ability to do an efficient job. If you have bushes, flowers or shrubbery that need to be protected, please let us know.

Inside Your Home: Light fixtures, pictures, mirrors, fans, china, etc., are just some of the items that can fall if not secured or installed correctly. There will be a certain amount of vibration, please take the necessary precautions.

Vaulted Ceilings: If you have vaulted ceilings that share common rafters with the roof, there is the possibility of nail pops in the ceiling.

Gutters: Due to a tremendous amount of debris falling during the installation of your roof system, it is recommended that you ensure the condition of your gutter guards by having them removed prior to the installation of your new roof. Please ask a technician about a nominal fee for removing and reinstalling.

Your Attic: We suggest that you cover stored items with plastic; this will protect them from small particles such as dust and granules.

Dumpster and Materials: It is our preference to place materials and dumpsters as close as possible to your home. This allows for easy access but may cause your garage door to be temporarily blocked.

Hidden Conditions: There is a possibility of rotted or broken decking, rafters, etc. These items are not discovered until we remove your existing roof system. There will be an additional fee for the necessary replacement of these items.

Vehicles: We highly recommend to our customers that when installation has begun, that all vehicles should be moved to a safer place. There will be the possibility of debris falling from the roof that could cause damage.